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The Ankuram Play School has widespread interest in the sphere of quality education with a commitment to excellence, providing opportunities to enable young people to be best positioned, consequent to their education in these institutions. The Schools have been established and are being administered by various Societies/Trusts, the primary aim of establishing schools of international standards resulting in promotion of quality education and values throughout the country. Our group started its first school in VARANASI. The group has since been establishing new standards in education, which are now being appreciated by students, parents and educators .The group owes its success to the Almighty God. Is giving our school comprehensive education on environmental conservation, Saturday science school, skill development, personality development and computer education, sports Facilities, swimming facilities & co-curricular activities.

Welcome to Our School

Our Facilities

  • Co-Curricular activities Child
  • Teacher & parent participation
  • Audio- Visual teaching for more interest in studies
  • Multimedia teaching aid
  • Colorful fun rooms for primary wings
  • Age appropriate furniture
  • Non toxic toys
  • Friendly & qualified faculty
  • Unique school structure
  • Interactive book & puppets that combines to make the surrounding for interesting studies
  • Well maintain classroom & labs
  • Maintain library
  • Language Lab
  • Smart Classes